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Our mission is to empower people from all walks of life to live their best life through intelligent management of time, money, and relationships. We create software and educational content to achieve this mission.

About Us

Founded in 1998, Dacris Software is a small-scale ISV, now located in Richmond Hill, ON, Canada. We supply high-quality software, educational content, and consulting services. Our specialization is Windows .NET apps, but we also develop software for the web, including JavaScript.

We developed Dacris Benchmarks as our first flagship application, in 1999, to test computer hardware performance and give users a very real glimpse of Moore's law. A PCWorld review of Dacris Benchmarks highlights the latest features of version 8. Through the 2009 - 2021 period, our main business was consulting, where we contributed on a number of projects, including Foodnetwork.ca.

Following 2022, our mission broadened, and we built our first financial product, MarketRisk. With the goal of helping others achieve financial freedom through intelligent money management, we created a number of financial tools, some of which are free and open-source. Today, our focus is mainly on educational products, to empower our users to work less & live more.

Our company's original founders are: Dan Tohatan, Marcel Tohatan, Florentina Tohatan, and Cristian Tohatan. The name is the fusion of Dan and Cris.