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Maestro Framework 1.0 Released

Dacris Software has just released version 1.0 of the Maestro Framework and Maestro Assembler IDE. Maestro is a flexible platform for automation using discrete interactions between/within systems written in plain English logical flows. It uses the principle of "executable configuration" to allow users to create apps using only JSON and plain text specs. Try it out today and see if it is right for you. Requires .NET 8.0 SDK to build the framework from source.

February 17, 2024  Order Maestro 1.0  |  View Screenshot

Join Shiny Happy Investing

Dacris Software is piloting a brand new value investing community online.

December 24, 2023  Join the Community

MarketRisk Web Demo Released

MarketRisk Web (v2.0) has been released. There is now a free demo version available for download. Requires Node.js 16+ with NPM. Runs on Linux or Windows.

November 18, 2023  Download Free Demo

fmjewellers.com Launch

Dacris Software is celebrating the launch of fmjewellers.com, an online jewelry website built with React.js. Order online with free shipping across Canada! The development effort took 8 months to complete.

June 10, 2023  Visit fmjewellers.com

MarketRisk 1.6 Released

Dacris Software has just released MarketRisk, version 1.6. Are you an investor looking for more reliable long-term returns on your portfolio? Do you want to limit your downside risk? Get MarketRisk and take advantage of our unique risk reduction algorithm to boost your portfolio.

January 9, 2023  Learn about MarketRisk

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