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Pre-Order Blueprint: Work Less, Live More

Dan Tohatan is launching an exciting new electronic book called "Blueprint: Work Less, Live More", due out July 20, 2024 at 10 am EDT. Take advantage of our pre-order offer and get a free copy of The Investing Game.

April 26, 2024  Table of Contents  |  About the Author  |  Pre-Order for $14.99 CAD

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MarketRisk Web Demo Released

MarketRisk Web (v2.0) has been released. There is now a free demo version available for download. Requires Node.js 16+ with NPM. Runs on Linux or Windows.

"MarketRisk gave me professional-level portfolio management in a single desktop app. As investor, I can earn 16% average annual return with annual portfolio adjustment. Less can be more." - Dan T.

November 18, 2023  Download Free Demo  |  Learn About MarketRisk

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