Windows 8 and Benchmarks

This just in: Windows 8 banned by HWBot (Extremetech)

A serious flaw has been discovered in Windows 8′s RTC (real-time clock) mechanism. If the system clock is changed at all from the default, it turns out that the system clock will run at a different speed. Most PC benchmarks expect the system clock to run at the same speed. Dacris Benchmarks 8.1 uses the RTC and assumes that the system keeps accurate time during the test.

The effect is demonstrated in the following video:

We therefore cannot guarantee accurate results on Windows 8, as we would on Windows 7 and earlier OSes.

If you are running Dacris Benchmarks on Windows 8, you should make sure your results are accurate by using a timer along with your system clock to make sure you are in sync as in the above video.

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