RAIN 2102. Preview

It was the first annual directors’ meeting. Alfred was invited to come, for the first time in his career. He was very excited to see what the directors were doing, knowing full well that this was the innermost circle of elite in Upper Internet.

The building was a few miles outside Las Vegas, in a secret military base called M2.
The guest list was filled with important people in politics and business.
John Buffett, Warren Buffett’s great grandson, was there, along with the recently announced inventor of the telepathy implant, Michael Mitchell.
The first annual meeting was always an important event. Alfred was told there would be some “special guests” arriving.

Voice on Microphone: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first annual directors’ meeting for AD 2102. Our first guest speaker tonight will be none other than Michael Mitchell. If you haven’t had the honour …”

The introduction went on for 4 minutes. During this time, Alfred kept thinking about his project and how he was going to explain, at the board meeting next week, that his history simulator was set back by 6 months. Obviously, “my dog ate it” was not going to work.

“And now, without further adieu, I give you Michael Mitchell!”

The crowd began to applaud loudly. As he looked around, Alfred began to feel a strange sensation, as if everyone was not quite natural. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but the applause did not quite sound natural. It seemed too fast, and too well entrained.

“Thank you, thank you.” began Mitchell. “It’s truly an honour and a privilege to be among you tonight.”
“As you all know, the telepathy implant is the kind of invention that enables us to move forward into the 22nd century.”
“Our contact with the Lyrans could not have been possible without this implant, as you all know.”
“This will soon enable us to decipher the meaning of every extraterrestrial language, and translate between any two languages, by applying the latest holographic translation software supplied to us kindly by Google.”
“But this is a vision that will still take a few years to implement. We, at Telepathica, are working on other projects as well, and we’d like to share one of these with you tonight.”
“To do this, I will invite on stage Jack Carpenter, research coordinator at Telepathica, who is probably very excited to show you what his team has been working on.”

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