Announcing “RAIN 2102″




A novel about social media, programming, psychology, and the future, is coming.

It is in the works now. Expected release date (for pre-ordering): September 15, 2012.


It was raining again. Alfred walked out of the bar in disgust, little realizing that he had left his coat in his car.
They were charging $150.00 for a beer, double what he had paid the week before. After six (or more) beers and no success,
Alfred’s frustration finally spilled over in the form of complete outrage at something seemingly so trivial – the price of beer.
He yelled: “Oh God! Why do you hate me so much?! WHY!? I can’t get lucky? Not even once? There’s NO WAY I’m paying $150.00 for a beer!”
Alfred had quite a bit of money left, over $20 million in fact. He had saved it up by working long hours on clandestine projects for even more clandestine clients.
His latest incarnation – the history simulator (or “Looking Glass” as he preferred to call it) was an ambitious attempt to re-create world history,
in the most minute detail, in the form of a computer simulation that would display all of the variables in real time and allow the “visitor”
(who would be able to enter this virtual world by using a consciousness-portal) to observe and alter history by “possessing” the mind of an
unsuspecting subject. Of course, this being virtual, there were no real ethical concerns like the grandfather paradox. (Or were there?)
Of course, there was always the question of what would happen when Alfred managed to successfully reproduce history with 100% (perfect) accuracy.
Alfred was, of course, not about to let his client get his hands on the full unadulterated version of his “Looking Glass” project.
In a peculiar way, Alfred had a conscience (yes, morals) and suspected that the project could be used for unimaginable evil. But perhaps he was just selfish. Or demonic.
Either way, as Alfred came to grips with the cold rain hitting his ugly balding head, he realized that he had wasted all of his time and money, again.
He began to run, slowly at first, then frantically, through the rain. Screaming, at the top of his lungs, something unintelligible, he ran and ran, and ran.
Back home, Alfred collapsed onto the couch. The world began to spin. The phone began to beep. Beep-beep. Beep-beep. Beep-beep. …

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