Who We Are

Since 1999, Dacris Software has always strived to push the limits of usability and ease of use of advanced software. Our motto is: “Optimize Life.”

Through our unique process of focused innovation, we move the industry forward. In the benchmarking industry, Dacris Software has always been an industry leader, and Dacris Benchmarks has always been our flagship product.

We expect Dacris Benchmarks 8.0 to be a monumental release incorporating years of focused innovation. However, the innovative features in version 8.0 are only the beginning. We will continue to push the boundaries of the PC industry and we expect the next version to be even more significant than version 8.0.

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Our Management Team

We are a small company. This gives us great agility and amazing growth potential. We pride ourselves in the fact that our senior management team is actively involved in software development, customer relations, and technical support at Dacris Software. Also, our senior management team is highly knowledgeable, having expert-level knowledge in hardware as well as software.

Our senior management team consists of:

Dan Tohatan, Program Manager at Dacris Software, turns dreams into reality. He prefers to call himself a “producer” of software, rather than a developer or programmer. Dan is a graduate of the University of Waterloo Software Engineering program and his wide-ranging experience includes Win32 API, C++, .NET, Java, and Web 2.0 technologies. He has been with Dacris Software since its inception and has spearheaded the development of every product that Dacris Software has released to date.

Marcel Tohatan, Chief Operations Officer of Dacris Software, is primarily responsible for business operations, including marketing, account management, and business-to-business relations. He is also a consultant, occasionally providing services to Dacris Software consulting clients. He has over 15 years of experience in software development.

Florentina Tohatan, Chief Financial Officer of Dacris Software, is the Dacris Software accounting & financial expert. Her duties at Dacris Software include compiling the company balance sheet, and managing & tracking expenses. She is also a consultant, with over 10 years of software development experience, occasionally providing services to Dacris Software clients.

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